New TC v4.6 is available!

New Update TC ver 4.6

New TC v4.6 is available!

Friends! New TC v4.6 is available!

We have updated 80% of the program with your comments and suggestions. Special thanks to the most active pilots/testers:

Niknik, Habl, WashGen, Kels, Jumbo Jet, mzeddd, BadMad, Marcial Campos(Spain), Wanderlei Goncalves de Souza Junior

(Brazil), Konstantin Karcin (Lithuania), Gurka (Andorra).

That is new:
1. Most of screens are updated to be more readable on the sun. With white screen and black/dark info items (arrows,

digits, etc.)

2. On the first screen (horizont level indicator) you can get accumulated information about thermal activity for the last

10-15 seconds around the pilot. It might be helpful in very turbulent air conditions

3. New!!! You could configure your screens with info indicators you like. There are four indicators on the screen that

you could tune by pressing on it. There are 14 indicators in total:
"Speed, km/h" - Horisontal speed from GPS.
"Vario, m/sec" - Vertival speed from GPS. Averaged with 1 second
"Vario 10s, m/s" - Vertival speed from GPS. Averaged with 10 seconds
"Altitude, m" - Altitude from GPS
"Wind , m/s" - Calculated wind speed
"Wind dir" - Calculated wind direction
"Glide Ratio"
"Thermals level"
"Timer" - Flight time
"Time" - Current time
"Free memory"
"Sat used" - Number of used GPS satelites

All this info indicators are valid for most of screens (except map screens).
You need to configure indicators only once and then TC will remember them

4. Screen #2 has the same behaviour. Just colour scheme is different.

5. Screen #4 has new colour scheme and bigger size of info items to get it more readable

6. Screen #5 - no changes

7. Screen #6 (Vario) is much simpler now. Plus it has TC arrow from now.

8. Screen #7 (Coloured track tail) - no changes

9. New!!! From v4.6 program uses two different algorithms for weak and normal thermal conditions. Depending on "Thermals

level" value in "Setup" menu TC chooses which algorith to use. If this value is less than 0.42 then slow and precise

algorithm is used. This algorithm is good for weak conditions with smooth and wide turns without agressive piloting

10. Fixed problem with west longtitude

11. Important! From now in case of joint usage of TC and LK8000 you have to switch between programs manually. To be able

to do this you have to press (and hold for 2 seconds) on the area where battery indicator is located on face side of


PS: This version of TC is dedicated to Konstantin Karcin who helped a lot in TC improvements. He died one month ago

during the towing winch because of heart attack.