Download and Install

Downloading and Installation of the Thermocompass.


Download TC 4.6  (10.06.2013) 


SetUp for ТС+LK8000 mode: ТС -> port 8 band 4800 , LK8000 - generic, port com2 band 4800 
SetUp for TC single: port 5 band 4800



1. Download, unrar and copy all archive files to extra memory card, "sd card" device HoluX FunTrek130.
2. Run the program and press the menu button "EXIT".
Note: The unlicensed version of the program, all except the menu button "EXIT" blocked.
3. Attach   file from the folder "TC" to the Order and mail to . 
4. Resulting in a return letter to the license file  copy to the folder "TC". The program must operate in full volume