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Funktionsweise und Beschreibung zum Gebrauch des Thermocompass


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 Thermocompass software  (TC)


  • Turbulence zone diameter is much larger than the thermals, basically. Thermocompass  software calculates the exact direction of the center of the thermals by gradient amplitude and turbulence phase fluctuations, when pilot flight crosses the turbulent area of the thermal.
    Effective finding distance depends on the thermals strength and approximately 300 - 500 meters. When the TC detects turbulence fluctuations on the thermal, it sounds like as regular variometer.
  • TC should advice pilot about possible wing colllapse danger. In case, that huge wings collapse conditions occurred, special sounds will warn pilot: it is time to hunt your wing!
  • Device Holux FunTrek 130 with this software use a maps for indicating locations, where the thermals are born, additionally. So you can plan your flight is most likely to find thermals. These maps are calculated before the start with preFlightEditor and depending on weather conditions.
  • Software TC also has an effective thermal assistant, variometer on barometric base, GPS and accelerometer sensors accesses, as well as many other features.




 GPS Holux Funtrek 130  


 Small, handy outdoor GPS supported by LK8000 and ThermoCompass paragliding application. Use all paragliding software features in affordable price.
The FunTrek 130 is a multi-function handheld GPS device designed for outdoor recreational use. The 3″ full-color outdoor GPS displays over ten different types of essential information for sports people including speed, distance, time, altitude, carbon reduction, calories burned, and electronic compass. It is shock resistant with IPX6 water-resistance so can operate in any weather. For cyclists and people who enjoy outdoor activities, the FunTrek 130 makes the perfect choice.



  • 3″ (240 x 400 pixel) high resolution touch control screen (with backlighting)
  • Weighs only 124g
  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Support Micro SD memory cards of up to 32GB
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer
  • Removable 1050mAh lithium-ion battery
    Up to 12 hours of standby time (backlighting off)
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • Includes ezTour Plus & ezPlanner route planning
  • 3D electronic compass (points north)
  • High precision barometer
  • Multiple functions (alarm, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, health information, emergency first aid information etc.)
  • Built-in GPS satellite navigation.




GPS   chip High Sensitivity GPS Chip.
Dimension     58 x 105 x 23 mm
Weight     124g (with battery)
Memory     Internal 2GB FlashSupport micro-SD card up to 32GB
Display       3.0” Transflective TFT-LCD,With Touch panel,240*400 Pixels, 16:9
Key & LED  Two Function-keys: Menu & Power.One LED indicating power / charge status
Mini-USB IO  interface (USB 2.0) Mini-USB chargingSupport Mass storage mode
Battery        1050 mAh, Removable & rechargeable Li-ion battery,Up to 8.5/ 12 hrs working time (backlight enable/ disable)
Operation System     Win CE 5.0
Function Build-in    BuzzerIntegrated multiple sensors:- 3D Digital Compass- Barometer
- Auto backlight adjustment
Operation & Application      GPS Data loggerOutdoor NavigationGeocaching
Support     multi-sports
Environment temperature      Operating Temp: -10 ℃ to 60 ℃Storage Temp: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃
Waterproof I  PX-6
Adaptor   Input 100 ~ 240V, 0.5 A, 50~60Hz DCOutput 5V/1A


 Easy to Use Transflective Touch Screen

The highly sensitive touch control input means everything can be done with just a touch. User-friendly menu interface makes the FunTrek 130 simpler and intuitive to use. The transfective screen is sunlight readable and the auto-backlighting makes it a convenient and yet power saving gadget.

Flexible Memory Storage

The FunTrek 130 comes with 2GB of built-in memory. The MicroSD expansion slot supports up to 8GB MicroSD memory card for storage expansion.

Shock and Water Resistance for Roaming the Wilderness

Weather resistance (IPX-6) and shock-resistance allows you to roam the wilderness at will. The built-in barometer shows gradient chains in a graphical format so you can quickly grasp the local geography.The electronic compass shows you the right direction no matter where you are even when there is no GPS signal detected. Real-time track logging means you will never be lost in the woods. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery supports up to 12 hours of service life.The FunTrek 130’s left and right button controls allows the user to quickly cycle between modes and functions with just one hand.The shortcut mode can be used for adjusting the LCD brightness. It can also be used to pause/ save tracks, start a new track, or save a waypoint. The user can name tracks and waypoints by themselves or use default names.The display can be customized to 3 or 6 items of preference and shown on the page of Trip Computer.The track playback function can be used for showing routes. Playback can be speeded up or slowed down as required. You can also click and drag to move to any point on the route.


Real-time Sports Display

Shows stopwatch, speed, compass, distance traveled, travel time, GPS or barometric height, distance to destination, current time and estimated time of arrival.

Real-time Track Log

The real-time track logging function means you don’t have to worry about getting lost on the mountains. It can also store multiple tracks so you can share your tracks with your friends.