Download  New update to ver 2.2a  (14.01.2013)


PreFlightEditor - software for predicting aerology lower atmosphere and the places of formation of thermals. Software designed for paragliders and hang gliders. Is designed to facilitate the search of thermals, especially on the plains.


 at the inputs are maps OpenStreetMaps (loaded from internet themselves) files and elevation grid SRTM (download files here ). At the output of the editor we get:

- Maps of the relief (Height maps)
- Maps of thermally active zones. Triggers thermals. Zone of turbulence and dynamics, etc.
- Maps of promising sites.

Maps format - for the TC and that is important for OziExplorer format for PDA. OziExplorer  runs on many mobile devices, so I hope it will be of interest not only to Thermocompass.

Video manual  



Special thanks to the Andorra pilot Gurka for detailed instructions on installing the editor


  Windows Vista Busines System requirements In Windows Vista Busines 32 bits : 

-You have to login as a system administrator - should always be connected to internet , no FW enabled.

-Service Pack 2 - DirectX >10 updated & enabled:

- Winrar Updated - RAM the more - the better.

- PC screen 1024x600


Direct X: Know your already DirectX version on your PC:

1.For open DirectX Diagnostic Tool , click the Start button , type dxdiag in the search box , and then press ENTER .
2.Click the System tab, and then click System Information , check the DirectX version number . Update, download from:


-Enable Direct X :

1 -Open the browser program.

2 -Go to the Tools menu and for Internet Explorer select "Internet Options."

3 -Click on the "Security" tab in the window that opens. Ensure that the "Internet Content" zone is selected before clicking on "Custom Level."

4 -Locate the controls labeled "Run ActiveX" and select "Enable."

5 -Locate "Script ActiveX controls marked safe" and click "Enable."

6 -Restart your browser for the settings to take effect.
Read more: How to Enable ActiveX Control on Windows Vista |


-Winrar Updated at 4.20 (32-bit)

Download at:

Restart PC


Installing software
1 Download and place de file *rar to a folder c:\ program files

2 E xtract all files from *rar in c:\ program files. Folder “ preFlightEditor ” be created automatically

3 Open folder “ preFlightEditor ” and deleted file

4 On the folder, run the file :preFlightEditor

5. Afther message, click on accept and In your software folder appears a new file

6. No run again preFlightEditor !!!

7 Send this file “ “ to mail for registration. 
8 In response letter you'll get the file : not open it!!!

9 You have to copy this file “ ” to the software folder c:\ program files \ preFlightEditor.

10. Now you can run the program “ preFlightEditor ” .